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A film that is lacking filthy language, racial jokes and sexual innuendo, but does offer good, clean, family entertainment is Disney’s The Kid. Oh no! I just lost half of the moviegoers for the summer! Russell Morley (Bruce Willis) is a wealthy image consultant who is just a few days away from the “Big 4-0.” Out of nowhere, a pudgy, eight-year-old boy appears at Russell’s house claiming that he is Rusty Morley. (Rusty is the name that Russell went by as a kid.) Rusty has no idea how he traveled 32 years into the future and Russell is even more confused. Okay, I’m confused, too. How did he end up there? Was it a time-warp or a trip into the twilight zone? Anyway, Russell lives in a million-dollar mansion, drives a Porsche Roadster and has a beautiful assistant who adores him named Amy. Rusty thinks that Russell should have a girlfriend, a dog, and a pilot’s license, all of which were his childhood dreams. Russell is unhappy enough about turni ng forty without having to explain to his friends who this kid is and where he came from. Somehow, Rusty manages to help Russell through his midlife crisis, and in return, Russell goes back in time to help Rusty resolve a conflict with other kids. This is a wonderful, charming, funny movie that is also very thought provoking. In fact I asked my wife, “Since I’m forty, shouldn’t I have a girlfriend, a dog and a pilot’s license?” She let me have 1 of the 3, but I’ll never tell which one. This film is probably more interesting for adults than it is for kids and I give it a B rating.

This movie has been given a PG rating by the MPAA

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