Nutty Professor 2: The Klumps

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If you would like to see the biggest, nastiest, loudest family in America, check out the Klumps in the movie Nutty Professor II. Eddie Murphy is back as the charming Professor Sherman Klump. He also returns as the rest of the Klump family: Mama, Papa, Grandma and younger brother, Ernie. Not only is Professor Klump working hard to perfect his newly discovered Youth Formula, he is also trying to control his spontaneous cursing whenever his girlfriend Denise (Janet Jackson) is around. Sherman wants to completely stop this behavior, so he uses a gene-altering drug to remove the nasty DNA that causes him to talk rude. But! While in a test-tube, a dog hair mixes with it and forms Sherman’s alter ego, Buddy Love (Eddie Murphy). In case you’re wondering, Eddie Murphy doesn’t play the dog. While Buddy Love is trying to sell the Professor’s Youth Formula, Sherman is trying to find a way to stop Buddy so that Denise will marry him. BUT! (There are a lot of big “bu tts” in this movie.) Because Professor Klump has removed part of his DNA he begins losing his intelligence which provides an even funnier view of Sherman. This film is hilarious with Eddie Murphy’s brilliant portrayal of the entire Klump family. Parents beware – this is an adult film in disguise. It manages to provide something rude or crude in almost every scene. It even manages to find some very funny, but very twisted humor concerning a hamster. (The hamster’s not played by Eddie Murphy, either.) I give this comedy a B rating and I’m very thankful I can’t see Grandma Clump’s toothless grin.

This movie has been given a PG-13 rating by the MPAA