Keeping the Faith

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A fantastic, lighthearted, romantic comedy that revolves around 3 childhood friends is Keeping the Faith. Father Brian Finn (Edward Norton) and Rabbi Jacob Schram (Ben Stiller) are best friends who live in New York, spend most of their leisure time together and – believe it or not – their worship time, too. One day Jacob tells Ben that their childhood friend Anna “Anna Banana” Reilly (Jenna Elfman) whom they haven’t seen in twenty years, is back in town and wants to get together. They all meet, begin hanging out together, then sparks begin to fly between Jacob and Anna. There are 2 problems. One: all of the parents in Jacob Schrams parish want him to marry their nice Jewish daughters. Two: Father Ben Finn thinks he is in love with Anna. (I personally don’t understand the attraction to Anna. I know it wasn’t her sexy voice.) Maybe they just liked the name Anna Banana. This is an excellent movie that is nicely written and directed, with outstandi ng performances by the cast. Some of the best scenes were between the people of the Catholic and Jewish faiths. The humor was great without ridiculing religion. This is an excellent movie for just about everyone. Take your date, your spouse, or your grandmother. A word of advice; don’t take your date and your spouse at the same time. I give this wonderful, refreshing film an A rating.

This movie has been given a PG-13 rating by the MPAA