Mission to Mars

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A little adventure, a tiny bit of action, a touch of suspense and almost no thrills are what you can expect from the science fiction film Mission to Mars. The year is 2020 and NASA is sending a spaceship to the planet Mars. The launch is successful and initiates a long, tedious 9 month flight before the spaceship actually lands on the planet Mars. A few months later, the astronauts begin exploring various formations on the face of a mountain when there is a sudden explosion. Anything that wasn’t killed is blown to pieces by the G-force winds that followed. NASA knows there is a problem and decides to send another spaceship on a rescue mission. (Okay, let’s see. There had never been a manned mission to Mars, yet I spaceship is lost and another is just sitting around ready to go? Oh yeah, it’s a movie.) Anyway, the captain of the second mission is Jim, an astronaut who was supposed to go on the initial flight, but washed out of the program because of the death of his wife. When the second spaceship lands on the planet, they find a half-crazed astronaut still alive from the first flight. Within a few hours he is able to tell flight Captain Jim McConnoll (Gary Sinise) the cause of the catastrophe. Captain Jim Kirk sends down the away team.oops – wrong movie. Captain McConnell takes a team of astronauts and investigates the phenomena. This film doesn’t have a particularly good plot, dialogue, or real climax. It does have some great landscape shots, but I might have been looking at a black hole for all the good it did me. This could have been a good movie, but it wasn’t. I give it a C rating.

This movie has been given a PG rating by the MPAA