High Fidelity

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The latest comedy-romance that is neither romantic nor funny is High Fidelity. The story opens with the boring breakup between record storeowner Rob Gordon (John Cusack) and his girlfriend Laura (Ebon Hjejle). (Try saying that three times as fast as you can.) Anyway, Rob begins reminiscing about the problems he had with past relationships. Prior to Laura, there were other love interests such as Marie (Lisa Bonet), and Charlie (Catherine Zeta-Jones). Okay. If I were going out with any of these women, my only problem would be what color is my shirt and does it match the pants? Rob owns a record store and spends most of his time debating the hottest group with his two nerd employees Dick and Barry. They compete with each other by buying and selling old albums and seeing who can secure the best deal. I think the problem with Rob’s love life is that he loves his record store – and maybe even Dick and Barry – more than his current girlfriend. This f ilm had very few funny moments and over all, I felt the story lacked originality. This movie was so bad my guide dog left the theater without me. I give this film a D rating.

This movie has been given an R rating by the MPAA