The Whole Nine Yards

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If you like non-stop action and comedy you’ll love the Whole Nine Yards. Matthew Perry plays a goofy paranoid dentist named Nick “Oz” Oseransky, who lives with his annoying and overbearing wife, Sophie, in Quebec, Canada. Everything in his life is running smoothly – except his marriage – until Oz goes next door to welcome his new neighbor. The neighbor turns out to be a notorious hit man known as Jimmy the Tulip (Bruce Willis), who has killed 17 people. Oz spends some time with Jimmy and soon the two form a friendship. Meanwhile, Sophie finds out there is a price on Jimmy’s head and she orders Oz to go to Chicago and turn Jimmy in. After Oz leaves, Sophie goes next door and tells Jimmy that Oz went to Chicago to rat on him. Okay, my wife leads me into the women’s restroom sometimes to embarrass me, but even she wouldn’t go this far! After he lands in Chicago, Oz is contacted by another hit man named Frankie (Michael Duncan), who takes him to see the “Big Boss” named Yanni. Yanni tells Oz that if he wants to stay alive he had better take him back to Quebec and show him were Jimmy lives. On the trip back, Frankie tells Oz that he really works for Jimmy – not Yanni. Oz is confused about who works for whom and who wants to kill who! The only thing he knows for sure is that his wife wants to kill him. The only person he can trust is his beautiful dental assistant Jill. Or can he? It’s just a silly crime film, but it’s full of great acting and plenty of surprises. In fact, there were so many surprises, if someone had told me that Richard Simmons had several kids I would have believed them. I give this funny movie a B rating.

This movie has been given an R rating by the MPAA

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