My Dog Skip

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A truly wholesome family movie about a boy and his dog is My Dog Skip. The setting is a small town in Mississippi during World War II. A young boy named Willie Morris (Frankie Muniz) is given a puppy named Skip as a birthday present. His father Jack (Kevin Bacon) is a disabled Veteran who becomes concerned when Willie spends all of his time with Skip instead of kids his own age. One day, while walking to the local butcher Willie sees a pretty girl from his school named Rivers but he’s too shy to talk to her. Skip goes right up to Rivers and helps introduce Willie to her. I know why Willie likes Skip so much – he’s a “Babe Magnet.” After spending time with Rivers, Willie becomes a little more out-going and begins meeting other kids from school. He and Willie are inseparable even when Willie is with his new friends. Until the day of the town baseball game when Willie gets mad at Skip…. This is a touching film that will bring tears to your eyes. In fact, Skip’s acting ability could only be outdone by my dog Eddie when he’s begging for the food on my dinner plate. I give this outstanding film an A rating.

This movie has been given a PG rating by the MPAA