The Story of Us

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A bittersweet movie about the harsh realities of marriage is the Story of Us. The fifteen year marriage of Ben and Katie Jordan, played by Bruce Willis and Michelle Pfeiffer respectively, is in trouble. They realize that they have grown apart and agree to separate for 3 months while their children are away at summer camp. Three months of summer camp? My mother would have paid anything to get rid of me for three months! Anyway, during this time the Jordan’s reminisce about their fifteen-year marriage and flashbacks show the good and not so good times. Ben and Katie talk to their friends about their problems and receive some of the most outrageous advice. Actually, this dialogue is some of the funniest in the movie. As the end of the summer draws near, Ben tells Katie that they need to be honest with the children and tell them about their troubled marriage. Katie resists, not wanting the kids to know about their personal problems. This is a great story that blends comedy, drama, and romance into a wonderful film. Willis and Pfeiffer deliver outstanding performances. This is a touching film with several emotional scenes that will have you looking for a tissue. Of course, the only thing that would make me cry is running out of popcorn half way through the movie. I give this film a B rating.

This movie has been given an R rating by the MPAA

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