Mystery, Alaska

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If you enjoy hockey, you will definitely like the movie Mystery Alaska. There is no mystery that this film is being released at the beginning of hockey season. Mystery is a small town in Alaska where the local hockey players got together for weekly games. The players on the team were so good that a story was written about them in Sports Illustrated. Hank, the town black sheep, had left the town and moved to New York years earlier. Always eager to make a fast buck, he read the Sports Illustrated article and invited the New York Rangers to play a game in Mystery – on the town pond. The town Mayor knew that it would take more than a couple of guys just hitting a puck around, so he asked the town Judge to coach the team. Judge Burns, played by Burt Reynolds was the only person in town who had ever played organized hockey. The Judge eventually agreed to coach if the Sheriff of the town would be the captain of the team. Everyone in town was given som e type of job and it’s a good thing I didn’t live there, or they would have had the only blind referee. The New York Rangers finally made it to Mystery, but was the game going a blowout or did the underdogs win? The ending will surprise you. This film was a lot of fun and the action was fast paced, with plenty of beautiful winter scenes. At least, I heard they were beautiful, I wouldn’t know. The mystery for me was trying to follow the puck. I give this movie a B rating.

This movie has been given an R rating by the MPAA