Any Given Sunday

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A film that revolves around the game of football, but should have received a penalty for lack of entertainment is Any Given Sunday. Tony D’Amato, played by Al Pacino, is the coach of a football team named the Miami Sharks. They are struggling to make it to the playoffs and their hopes are dashed when first string quarterback Jack Rooney, played by Dennis Quaid, goes down injured followed by the second string quarterback. An unknown third string quarterback named Willie Beamon steps in and to the horror of the coach, begins calling his own plays. Thank goodness for the game scenes, they were the high points of the movie. I’m glad I couldn’t see the low points. Coach D’Amato has to decide whether to put Jack – who is still not 100 percent healed – back in the game or let a reckless Willie finish the season. I’m not the coach but even I know that you use the Quarterback that is able to win games. This drama is full of good actors such as Charlton H eston, Cameron Diaz, James Wood and Ann-Margret, although I’m not sure why any of these stars would agree to appear in such a sorry film. On any given Sunday, I would rather be listening to a real football game or reading the waffle iron before attending this movie. I give this long boring film a D rating.

This movie has been given an R rating by the MPAA

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