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A cute lighthearted comedy that will send you away with a smile is Mumford. Mumford is not only the name of a town, but also the name of a psychiatrist who has just set up a new practice. Everyone considers Mumford the best therapist in town. The local pharmacist needs daily sessions because he is constantly fantasizing about women, a teenage girl is seeing Mumford because of problems in high school, and the richest guy in town needs to see Mumford out of loneliness. Within a few short months, Mumford’s colleagues in town become jealous when they see how well his practice is doing, and their jealousy soon turns into suspicion. They begin an investigation to expose Mumford for what he really is. This film has a strong script, is well directed, and has very good acting. It’s a funny movie yet not hilarious. Ted Danson and Martin Short make several quick appearances – in fact they’re so quick I don’t even see them. I give this well-made comedy a B rating.

This movie has been given an R rating by the MPAA