Mickey Blue Eyes

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A romantic comedy that’s not very romantic is Mickey Blue Eyes. This film stars Hugh Grant as an art auctioneer named Michael, whose trouble starts when he asks his Italian girlfriend, Gina to marry him. James Caan plays Gina’s father, Frank Vitale, a New York mob boss who really wants to see his future son-in-law succeed in business. For example, the day after Michael tells Mr. Vitale that he is going to marry his daughter Gina, the only other art auction house in town burns to the ground. (No, it wasn’t a bunch of blind guys playing poker with matchsticks.) The next day, Gina’s family persuades Michael to auction off a cheap sacrilegious painting. One of “the boys” sits next to someone who owes the family a favor and makes him pay fifty thousand dollars for it, creating a way for the mob to launder dirty money. Michael begins spending a lot of time with Mr. Vitale and at one point, when pretending to be mobster Mickey Blue Eyes, his picture is taken with a beautiful woman. Gina sees the picture and the old scenario: “boy looks guilty – girl feels betrayed – girl leaves boy” takes place. With a little work this could be a good movie. It has a few funny moments but it’s predictable and once again, not at all romantic. In fact, I’ve seen more romance in an episode of Jerry Springer. This is definitely not a must see film; I give it a C rating.

This movie has been given a PG-13 rating by the MPAA