Mystery Men

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The newest spoof on super heroes is the movie Mystery Men. In fact, my hearing must be as bad as my eyesight because one of the mystery men sounded like a woman. In this action-comedy, Captain Amazing – the most popular super hero in Central City – is captured by his archenemy Casanova Frankenstein. Mr. Furious, an ordinary guy who receives his power by losing his temper, calls together his two super hero friends to discuss a rescue attempt. The Shoveler, a man who fights with a shovel, and the Blue Raja, a middle aged fork thrower who still lives at home with his mother. The trio agrees that they need more super heroes on their team before they attempt such a perilous rescue. So! They throw a pool party and interview second rate super heroes like the Bowler – you have one chance to guess what she does. The Bowler is added to the team, along with a double-talking Sphinx, the Invisible Boy (the only time he becomes invisible is when no one is watc hing him) and the Spleen, played by Paul Ruben. His power came from bending over and flatulating SBD (Silent But Deadly) gas, knocking out his enemies. All they really needed was a blind super hero who would have used his cane to fighte like the Shoveler while his guide dog provided well seasoned flatulence that would make the Spleen envious. Anyway, after attacking Casanova Frankenstein in his car, the super heroes do attempt to rescue Captain Amazing. This film is full of one liners and slapstick comedy. The story line isn’t very deep, the humor misses its mark repeatedly, and the action isn’t very high-tech. Don’t go with expectations of seeing a great movie; this one was just made for fun. I’m not sure why, but I enjoyed this movie and give it a C rating.

This movie has been given a PG-13 rating by the MPAA