Mask of Zorro

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A good adventure to see at the theater this week is The Mask of Zorro. This movie begins with the great Zorro, played by Anthony Hopkins, being captured and imprisoned. As if this weren’t enough, his wife was killed and his infant daughter kidnapped. I guess he wasn’t so great after all. The story picks up twenty years later when Zorro breaks out of prison, and meets a disgruntled bandito-wanna-be named Alejandro, played by Antonio Banderas. Zorro teaches Alejandro the art of swordfighting, eventually passing down his mask to the new, younger Zorro. Zorro #2 steals a magnificent black stallion, meets and falls in love with the first Zorro’s beautiful daughter, and fights the tyranny of a Mexican governor. I think I could be the new Zorro. I can ride a horse, chase women, and since I’m blind, I can wear the mask over my eyes. I wouldn’t miss hitting anything blindly swinging a sword. (Ha!) This movie has plenty of laughs, lots of action and would be great fun for the kids. Even big kids like me. I enjoyed this movie and gave it a B rating.

This movie has been given a PG-13 rating by the MPAA