Inspector Gadget

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It doesn’t matter if you’re a kid or an adult, if you like action, adventure and whacky humor see Inspector Gadget. My nephew David accompanied me to the preview to see if the movie was as good as the cartoon. Matthew Broderick is a security guard who is hurt during an unfortunate accident. The mayor, wanting to bring law and order to the town, asks an inventor named Brenda to build the ultimate crime-fighting machine, thus turning him into Inspector Gadget. With his new powers all he has to say is, “Go-go-gadget helicopter, oil slick, net, umbrella, .” and it materializes right out of nowhere, ready for him to use. Of course, Inspector Gadget has to learn how to operate and control his new gadgets and it’s a lost cause. I’m envious. I wish I could say “Go-go-gadget blond.” Well, I won’t go there. David was more practical. While playing soccer he would say, “Go-go-gadget arms” and he would stretch his arms and pull down the pants of the oppos ing teams so they would trip and fall. Every film has to have a villain and this one is no exception. Inspector Gadget’s archenemy, Dr. Claw, builds a robot with the same capabilities as Inspector Gadget. The robot terrorizes the local townspeople and tries to kill Inspector Gadget. This is a cute film with goofy one- liners and great sound affects. Don’t expect a hilarious script, a great plot or superb acting. I agree with David when he recommends a B rating.

This movie has been given a PG rating by the MPAA