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If you want to see a movie that combines a well-written story line and superb acting, you owe it to yourself to see Instinct. Anthony Hopkins plays an African named Ethan. He began living among the gorillas and was eventually accepted as a group member. Ethan remained with the group for the next two years. (I guess living with his wife just wasn’t fun any more.) Then, something very violent and unexpected happened and as a result, Ethan was arrested and thrown into an African prison. For the next two years he refuses to speak. Ethan is then brought to the United States and is thrown into the psychotic wing of an over-populated prison. Dr. Theo Caldwell is a psychologist, played by Cuba Gooding Jr., who volunteers to help Ethan and find out what happened in Africa to make him psychotic. Theo visits Ethan several times a week, trying desperately to break through to him. This film has a refreshing, intelligent script, with outstanding performance s by Hopkins and Gooding. My only complaint is the lack of consistency. For example, Ethan talks and acts like a rational human being, then goes berserk and tries to hurt people. This is definitely not one of the most fun films of the year – unless you’re blind. (You know – no special effects.) I give it a B rating.

This movie has been given an R rating by the MPAA