Notting Hill

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The first chick flick of the summer is Notting Hill and my wife really wanted to see it. I didn’t want to see it because I thought I would be “nodding” off – but of course I gave in and we went. Anyway, Julia Roberts plays a movie star named Anna Scott who travels to England to make a movie. While in a bookstore she meets William, played by Hugh Grant, and she spills her drink all over him. (So much for introductions!) Anna is tired of the celebrity status and wants to meet someone “normal”. So, on his first date with her, William takes her home to meet his family and friends. His sister was blessed with big bulging eyes and orange hair that was twisted into three-inch pigtails. (I heard she was so ugly she would hurt even my eyes.) Also present, was William’s roommate Spike who looked and sounded like he came from the film, The Full Monty. Although the family seemed slightly unconventional Anna manages to enjoy herself. Several days later , in an attempt to avoid media attention, Anna decided to hide out at William’s apartment. (Side note: Julia Roberts can hide at my house any time.) The plan would have worked but she and William forgot about Spike and his need to impress his friends. As a result, the media appears at the front door the next morning and takes pictures of Anna wearing William’s shirt, and a few shots of Spike posing joyfully in a pair of saggy underwear. Anna blames William for the information leak, flies back to America, and refuses to speak with him. Throughout the next year William tries dating other women but can’t forget Anna. One day he hears she is back in England working on another movie and he goes to meet her. Will she accept or reject him? This romance-comedy is witty, cute and entertaining. It’s also corny and predictable. This may not be a great movie for you single guys, unless you have a date. I wanted to take a date but my wife made me take her. The film was okay an d I give it a C rating.

This movie has been given a PG-13 rating by the MPAA