Never Been Kissed

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A lighthearted movie that I’m pleasantly surprised to recommend is Never Been Kissed. In this romantic-comedy, Drew Barrymore is Josie, a Copy Editor for the Chicago Sun Times. Her career goal is to become a reporter, so she is thrilled when she is chosen to work undercover at a nearby high school. The CEO chose her for the assignment because she looked young, making it easy for her to remain undetected. Right! Even I can’t “see” Drew Barrymore making it as a high school student. Josie’s memories of her own high school experience – like being called “Josie Grosie” came flooding back. (Sounds like elementary school to me.) Anyway, Josie arrives on campus and is immediately shunned by the cool students and befriended by the nerds. In the mean time, her English teacher, not realizing she is twenty-five years old, begins confiding in and spending time with her. I thought that was called dating one of your students. She begins to have feelings for him, but can’t tell him because she is undercover. During the next few weeks she is asked to pick the theme for the prom, then the most popular guy in school asks her to be his date. Josie finally became popular. This film is fun, engaging and reminds viewers to “lighten up.” The plot isn’t too deep, but I enjoyed the movie and I give it a B rating.

This movie has been given a PG-13 rating by the MPAA