Forces of Nature

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If you think you’ve been having bad luck, see the film Forces of Nature. In this comedy of errors Ben Affleck plays a writer named Ben, who boards a plane to Savanna, Georgia from New York. Three days after he reaches Savanna, he and his fiancée plan to be married. Ben boards a plane and upon being seated, meets a beautiful woman named Sarah, played by Sandra Bullock, who sits down beside him. The streak of luck begins when a bird is sucked into one of the engines during takeoff, and the plane skids off the runway. Ben and Sarah are unhurt, but are afraid to fly in another airplane. They share the car rental fee with a slime-ball who also refuses to fly. While driving on the highway, the slime-ball rolls one of those “funny” cigarettes and begins smoking it. Cops notice his reckless driving, pull him over, and smell the smoke when the window is rolled down. He arrests everyone in the car – naturally. (I guess he was trying to “fly” to Georgia without using a plane.) Tiring of the rental car and slime-ball, they change their mode of transportation to a train. However, when Ben and Sarah climb on top of the train to listen to their voices echo off the mountains, they missed the train they were supposed to transfer to. After the train fiasco they begin traveling by bus. It’s pretty obvious by now that Ben is attracted to Sarah, and begins having doubts about his upcoming wedding. Well, I think you get the picture. If I were Ben’s friend, I would tell him, to take some tranquilizers and jump on a plane. Ben eventually makes it to his wedding, but is he going to get married? I couldn’t see Sandra Bullock. But I know what I would have done. This film is funny, romantic and entertaining. The ending is good and not an insult to the audience’s intelligence. I give this movie a B rating.

This movie has been given a PG-13 rating by the MPAA

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