My Favorite Martian

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A ridiculous but fun movie is My Favorite Martian. This remake of the 1964 classic sitcom stars Christopher Lloyd as Uncle Martin, the latest Martian to land on Earth. Jeff Daniels is a reporter named Tim, who thinks he sees a spaceship crash in the woods along side a remote highway. He investigates and finds a miniature spaceship, (which was actually the Martians shrunken ship) picks it up and takes it home. As soon as Tim enters his living room, the Martian, who was invisible, becomes visible and reeks havoc on the house. That must be why I keep running into things – there’s an invisible Martian placing objects in front of me. All of this commotion attracts the attention of the landlord, who rushes over to bang on Tim’s door. Tim tries to explain that there is a Martian in the house, but finally gives up and says it is just his Uncle Martin. Uncle Martin needs something to wear besides his space suit so Tim takes him to the store to buy new c lothes. That’s the last place a Martian should be taken and sometimes even blind guys like me. Uncle Martin finds an ice cream parlor and tries every flavor in the store before Tim finds him and drags him out onto the sidewalk. Uncle Martin continues to attract attention, and they end up being chased by the police. This lighthearted look at science fiction has a few really funny parts, but the plot is harder to find than Uncle Martin when he is invisible. As an adult, I can’t in good conscious, give this film anything higher then a C rating.

This movie has been given a PG rating by the MPAA