Mighty Joe Young

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Start the new year with a wholesome movie the entire family will enjoy, Mighty Joe Young. No, Joe Young is not the leading man in this film, he is a 20-foot gorilla who lives in the jungles of Africa with a pretty young woman named Jill Young, played by Charlize Theron. I guess Tarzan wasn’t available for this film. Although Joe is intelligent and peaceful, his huge size is extremely rare for a gorilla and poachers see dollar signs. By coincidence, a photographer from a California game reserve named Gregg, played by Bill Paxton, arrives in Africa and accidentally discovers Joe. How could you miss a 2000-pound gorilla? Anyway, Gregg convinces Jill that Joe would be safer living in California on the game reserve and he promises to keep the poachers busy until Jill and Joe are gone. Not long after Joe begins to adapt to his new home, memories from his past begin to haunt him and in frustration, Joe breaks out of his habitat and escapes. Joe is lat er found, but there were a few car pile-ups and some other minor damage to the town, and Joe was said to be a threat to society. So, Gregg and Jill attempt to sneak him off to a new home- if it’s possible to sneak successfully with a 2000 Pound gorilla – when the truck he is being transported in overturns and Joe escapes again. This time armed gunmen pursue Joe using various forms of vehicles. This film is entertaining, fun, and packed with menacing action. Joe is a loveable, giant gorilla who effectively communicates both emotionally and physically. My wife said Joe is more loveable then I am. I give this thriller a B rating.

This movie has been given a PG rating by the MPAA