Meet Joe Black

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A good chick-flick showing at a theater near you is Meet Joe Black. Brad Pitt is a young, attractive man enjoying breakfast in a coffee shop, who meets his demise while crossing the street at a busy intersection. Meanwhile, the Spirit of Death was in need of a body to serve as a host so that he may learn what it’s like to experience life through physical means. So, the young man’s spirit is out; the Spirit of Death is in. (My wife said he was the best looking spirit of death she’d ever seen!) Joe takes over the body and strikes a deal with wealthy businessman Bill Parish, played by Anthony Hopkins. Bill had been having heart problems, and Joe told him that he would allow him to continue living if Bill would agree to keep Joe’s “earthly” experiences interesting. One very interesting “earthly” experience took place during a board meeting when Joe watched Bill’s board members try to force him out of his own company. While at home, however, Joe was beg inning to have feelings for Bill’s daughter, Susan. Joe was enjoying his new human body and experimented with new sensations. Two of his favorites were peanut butter and yes, Susan. Bill saw the attraction between Joe and his daughter and told Joe to leave Susan alone, reminding Joe that Susan was not part of their agreement. Of course, Joe was infatuated with Susan and … This romantic-drama takes a heartwarming look at the trials of aging and the intricate bond between family members who truly love and support one another. There is also comedy, sadness, romance, and even a violent accident scene. (Don’t worry – since I can’t see, I didn’t have nightmares!) I enjoyed this film and give it a B rating.

This movie has been given a PG-13 rating by the MPAA