Enemy of the State

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If you like violence, murder, and conspiracy, you’ll love Enemy of the State. (Getting some counseling might not be a bad idea, either.) The movie begins with the murder of a high-profile Senator, which was unknowingly captured on tape by a bird watcher’s hidden camera. As the videotape was being downloaded onto a computer disk, the bird-watcher realizes the potential danger of what he sees, and calls one of his friends. The phone call is traced and the good guy-bad guy chase begins. Will Smith plays an attorney named Bobby Dean, who is buying lingerie for his wife when the disk is unknowingly slipped into his shopping bag. Suspected of having the disk, Bobby is thoroughly investigated by a high-level government agency. He finally gets a clue that something is wrong when he finds surveillance equipment hidden in his clothing, underneath his car, and throughout his house. He also learns that someone sent pictures of him with “another woman” to h is wife, and all of his credit cards have been canceled. (By this time, I’m certain that even I could have seen the writing on the wall.) Bobby finds himself on the run with no place to go until he meets Brill, an ex-National Security Operator played by Gene Hackman who locates and disables all of the hidden devices planted on Bobby. During the next half-hour they run from helicopters, bullets, and exploding buildings. Sounds like a fun day at the office. Bobby finally finds the disk -it’s about time- then he and Brill take the offensive position and turn the table on the killers. Will Smith was in true form with some of his one-liners and Gene Hackman wasn’t too shabby, either. This action thriller is smartly written and has a great ending; I give it a B rating.

This movie has been given an R rating by the MPAA

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