Holy Man

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A movie that starts off slow and picks up speed is Holy Man. Jeff Goldblum plays the part of Ricky, the producer of a home shopping television show, who is trying to increase sagging sales. One afternoon Ricky is driving his car along the interstate when he meets “G,” played by Eddie Murphy, admiring and praising the grass along the highway. Ricky invites “G” to live with him, plans a very elaborate party, invites very influential people, and tells “G” to stay in his room. “G” joins the party – DUH – hypnotizes a man and cures him of his fear of flying. I wonder if he could hypnotize me and cure me of my fear of the dark? Anyway, “G” sneaks onto the set during a live broadcast and Ricky totally panics. In fact, cleans out his desk and is leaving the set when he learns that the ratings increased 30%. The name of the show is changed to “The G-Spot,” and Ricky is promised a bonus if he can persuade “G” to sign a contract. (Maybe he should have use d his talents to help produce this movie.) Ricky realizes he is using “G” and begins to develop a conscience. This comedy – and I use the term loosely – has a few funny lines and a sentimental ending. Holy Man had to struggle to make even a C rating.

This movie has been given a PG rating by the MPAA