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A de javu movie for all of you old timers is Pleasantville. In this film, a pseudo- television repairman played by Don Knotts, shows up at the door of two teenagers who had just broken their televisions remote control. He gives them one of his special remotes which transports them into a then popular, black and white 1950s sitcom called, Pleasantville. In the TV show, 1990s teenagers David and Jennifer become Bud and Mary Sue, and are expected to communicate with phrases such as Gee-whiz! Golly! and, Thanks dad, youre the greatest! Bud seems to enjoy playing the role of a 1950s teenager, but Mary Sue still talks and acts like shes living in the nineties. For example, Mary Sue goes to lovers lane with the captain of the basketball team and shares her definition of getting pinned. Getting pinned? I half expected to hear Mrs. Cleaver say, Ward, dont you think you were a little hard on the Beaver last night? Anyway, as the towns people discover new sensations they gradually change from black and white to color, and their surroundings change as well. This didnt affect me, since I am blind, it all appeared black to me anyway. The new sensations create fear and anger in those who dont want change. Namely, the men who come home from work and dont find the little wife eagerly awaiting their arrival with cuisine du jour on the table. These men manage to band together and hold a town meeting to establish codes of conduct and censorship. The decrees are posted and Pleasantville is no longer pleasant. This is a humorous, twilight-zonish movie that touches on various issues from the 1950s that we still face today. The themes in this film were great and I give it a B rating. Im hoping some day to receive a special television remote so that I end up on Gilligans Island alone with Ginger.

This movie has been given a PG-13 rating by the MPAA