Saving Mr. Banks

Director John Hancock shows the struggles Walt Disney had in 1961 when attempting to obtain the rights to the story of Mary Poppins in the drama-comedy, Saving Mr. Banks. For 20 long years Walt … [Read more...]

Captain Phillips

Paul Greengrass directs the true-life story about the 2009 hijacking of the container ship, Mersk Alabama in the action-drama, Captain Phillips. Captain Richard Phillips (Tom Hanks) and his crew of … [Read more...]


Ron Howard directs an exciting film about the real-life rivalry between two Formula 1 racecar drivers in the biopic action film, Rush. In 1970, British racecar driver James Hunt (Chris Hemsworth) … [Read more...]


Hugh Jackman shows what a man will do to find his missing child in the crime thriller, Prisoners. Keller Dover (Hugh Jackman), his wife Grace (Maria Bello) and their children are enjoying a relaxing … [Read more...]

The Butler

Based on a 2008 Washington Post article, Lee Daniels’ The Butler, is a biography about a man who served in the White House for four decades. In 1957, at the beginning of the civil rights movement, an … [Read more...]

Star Trek into Darkness

Director J.J. Abrams is once again at the helm (no pun intended) in the sci-fi action film Star Trek Into Darkness. The story begins on the class M planet of Nigiru where Captain Kirk (Chris Pine) … [Read more...]


The sports film 42 is the true life story about Jackie Robinson the first African American Major league baseball player. In 1947 the Brooklyn Dodger’s president and general manager played by Harrison … [Read more...]

Les Miserables

With over 27 years on the stage being viewed by 60 million people, the musical Les Miserables jumps onto the big screen. The setting is just prior to the French Revolution and prisoner 24601 Jean … [Read more...]


It's the 50th anniversary of the James Bond franchise and Sam Mendes directs the 23rd film in the series titled, Skyfall. When a computer disc loaded with agent's names is stolen from MI6, James Bond … [Read more...]


Robert Zemeckis directs his first live action film since Castaways in 2000 with the drama Flight. Denzel Washing plays a pilot who does the impossible by landing a commercial airliner upside-down … [Read more...]