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Jay’s Hits and Misses from the Summer of 2017

Here are ten Hits and misses from the summer of 2017. Some of the hits are possible award winners, some weren't even on the radar and others are just entertaining. The misses range from films that … [Read more...]

Jay’s Summer 2017 Movies to Keep an Eye On

Here are ten 2017 summer films Jay is keeping an eye on. (No pun intended) These movies aren't necessarily award winners but do have outstanding actors, well-known directors and should be a lot of … [Read more...]

Inside Psycho

Check out this new audio on-demand program: Inside Psycho by Mark Ramsey, a series that is the best of both worlds in books and movies. It has the fantastic sound effects of a movie and the written … [Read more...]

Jay’s top Five Romantic Films for Valentine’s Day

Here are Jay's top Five Romantic Films for Valentine's Day. These films cross every genre including romance, drama, comedy, sports, fantasy and thriller. You can't go wrong watching any of these … [Read more...]

Jay’s 5 Top Christmas Classics

Here are Jay's 5 top Christmas Classics. These films encompass comedy, drama and singing. They all took place in the '40s and '50s when Christmas was a little less commercialized. … [Read more...]

Movie Critic to Polk State Students: Blindness Didn’t Stop Me, Don’t Let Anything Stop You

Jay Forry spoke to Polk State students / from polk.edu Oct. 18, 2016 If a blind man can become an internationally syndicated movie critic, then what’s stopping any of us from achieving our … [Read more...]

Blindside Oscar Predictions

Jay and Noel sit down to predict what will happen at this year's Oscars. … [Read more...]

Movies of the Year 2015

[Read more...]

Cat with Light Saber

Obey this cat you will Posted by Michael Press on Tuesday, December 22, 2015       … [Read more...]

Celebrity Gossip

Jay and Simon talk about Justin Beiber and Shia Labouf on their weekly movie review on Insight Radio in the United Kingdom. … [Read more...]