Let’s Be Cops

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Luke Greenfield writes and directs a buddy-cop comedy (except they’re not really cops) in the crime comedy, Let’s Be Cops. Justin (Damon Wayans, Jr) and Ryan (Jake Johnson) are 30 year-old losers who dress up like cops to go to a masquerade party. When they leave the party and finally receive some respect in their authentic cop uniforms, they start to actually help people and real policemen ask them to help with their casework. (Yes, it is pretty ridiculous.) Besides not being very funny, it’s hard to ignore the moronic plot. Besides the real police force not knowing they are fake cops the gangsters in the film are so stupid they start dancing in the street when the cops order them to dance or die. Lame or what. (The more I reflect on this movie the worse it seems.) Since this is partially a crime film – supposedly – a little suspense and tension in the plot sure would have helped. Several of the actors are stand up comedians and they improvised many of their lines. Unfortunately, it didn’t help the dialogue much. The last thing this movie suffers from is showing all of the best scenes in the trailers. (Of course there weren’t many other good scenes to show.) On the bright side, it is entertaining and the time is kept to less than two hours so I wasn’t searching for the door. Maybe this film could have been worse, but it definitely could have been much, much better and I’m giving it a C- rating.

This movie has been given an R rating by the MPAA