300 Rise of an Empire Trailer

Jays Rating:

If you enjoyed the film 300 in 2006 you’ll definately like the sequel which is also based on the Frank Miller graphic novel, 300, Rise of an Empire. While the mighty Persian army attempts to take over King Xerxos (Ragrigo Fantoro) of Greece, he sends the leader of the Persian fleet, Artemisia (Eva Green) to attack the Greeks by sea. The Athenian fleet is far outnumbered, but Admiral Thumistokles (Sullivan Stapleton) outmaneuvers and overcomes the Persian fleet. This film has more blood, more violence and more action than the prequel, and unfortunately, it has fewer stories and makes less sense. It does have one action scene, but it’s an hour and a half long. The dialogue is simply a tool to introduce the next action scene. I never thought I would miss Gerard Butler, but Sullivan Stapleton who plays the new hero, lacks Butler’s charisma. I hear the 3D really enhances the flying blood, stabs to the body, and severed limbs. (I’m sure blindness would be a blessing to the women who are dragged along by the guys.) Fans of 300 and action junkies will be happy to hear that the ending is left wide open for a sequel. I’ll admit this isn’t the best film for a blind critic, so I won’t assign a rating lower than a C-.

This movie has been given an R rating by the MPAA