Jay's Top 5 Family Christmas Films

How the Grinch Stole Christmas starring Jim Carrey
Plot line – A green creature is intent on Stealing Christmas from a whole town
Comments- This is an excellent cartoon to live action film
2000 – MPAA rated PG for some Crude humor – A- rating

The Santa Clause starring Tim Allen
Plot Line – When a man accidentally kills Santa Clause he reluctantly takes his place
Comments – A Charming clever film
1994 – MPAA rated PG for a few crude moments – B rating

Elf starring Will Ferrell
Plot line- A man that is raised as an elf creates havoc in the North Pole leaves in search of his parents
Comments – A funny and touching film
2003 – MPAA rated PG for some mild rude humor and language – B rating

The Polar Express voice by Tom Hanks
Plot line – On Christmas Eve a boy boards a magical train to go to the North Pole
Comments – This is an imaginative film with beautiful music and plenty of action
2004 – MPAA rated G – A rating

Christmas Vacation starring Chevy Chase
Plot line – Everything that can go wrong does for the Griswald family Christmas
Comments – Non-stop laughs and hilarious slapstick comedy
1989 – MPAA rated PG13 for profanity, brief nudity and cartoon violence – B rating