Monsters University

Jays Rating:

It’s hard to believe it’s been twelve years since Monsters, Inc. was released in 2001 but the monsters are back in a prequel with the animated, adventure film Monsters University. This story takes place at Monsters University where monsters sharpen their craft of scaring humans. When a one-eyed monster – who isn’t really scary – named Mike (voice of Billy Crystal) becomes the roommate of a loser named Randy (voice of Steve Buscemi), nobody realizes that a Monster villain is being formed. Mike also meets and become enemies with a big, blue, furry monster named Sullivan (voice of John Goodman) who thinks Monsters University should just pass him through because of his famous family name. When the two enemies accidentally destroy a souvenir of Dean Hardscrabble (voice of Helen Mirren) they are expelled from all scare classes. Mike makes a bet with Dean Hardscrabble that if he, Sully and a group of nerd monsters can win at the scare games, they will be able to attend classes again. I loved the idea of a prequel instead of a sequel to the Monsters, Inc. film. We actually have a new setting and intriguing ideas from the monster’s world. We didn’t see monsters coming through a magical door to scare human kids, but different is good. I somehow thought a story about college life would generate more laughs for the adults but it was pretty generic. (I half expected a panty raid on the girl monsters dorm.) This is a lesson about how enemies can become great friends and children will enjoy the story. Everyone loved the ending and how it tied in directly to the beginning of Monsters, Inc. This isn’t a fantastic Pixar film, but it’s much better than average and I’m giving it a B rating.

This movie has been given a G rating by the MPAA