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Bubble top helicopters, drones, and futuristic weapons are just a sample of the advanced technology found in the sci- fi film, Oblivion. Based on a graphic novel that has the planet Earth being destroyed nearly 60 years before in a war with aliens, the survivors moved to one of the moons of Saturn named Titan. Meanwhile, on Earth in the year 2077, there are a few people on the planet and Jack Harper (Tom Cruise) and his partner Victoria (Andrea Risevorough) are stationed on Earth as “Team 49.” There are drones on the planet that kill surviving aliens and Jack’s job is to go out and fix all of the drones that have been damaged during alien attacks. Then, while out on the planet’s surface Jack finds a crash site that has one survivor named Julia (Alva Kurylenko). In the back of Jacks mind he thinks he remembers Julia, but he’s not sure because he is subjected to a mandatory mind wipe every 5 years. (I hate when that happens.) As Jack tries to come to terms with his flashbacks, he is kidnapped by a resistance leader named Beech (Morgan Freeman) who introduces Jack to other people and convinces him that nothing is what it seems. This is one of those films that almost everybody will enjoy. It has a realistic human element and plenty of sci-fi action. The story is original, the sound track is fantastic, and there is a nice twist at the end to really make it interesting. Surprisingly, this film isn’t in 3D but the futuristic computer graphics look great according to my wife. The bottom line is Tom Cruise sells this film. The passion and confidence in his acting makes you believe in his character. Tom Cruise just turned 50 years old and he can still turn heads and play the action hero. (I told my wife the only difference between me and Cruise is that I can’t see – but she didn’t buy it.) The cast as a whole is pretty small and Morgan Freeman’s character is important but he has very little screen time. When I really look (no pun intended) I can find some minor plot holes, a couple slow sections, and an ending that seems a bit rushed. (I know I’m nitpicking but that is my job.) Science fiction fans will really enjoy this film and I’m giving it a solid B rating.

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