Olympus Has Fallen

Jays Rating:

Guys who enjoy edge-of-the-seat action and ladies who like looking at Gerard Butler will both want to see the action thriller Olympus Has Fallen. When the White House (code name “Olympus”) is attacked and taken over by North Koreans, President Benjamin Asher (Aaron Eckhart) and Vice-President Charlie Rodriguez (Phil Austin) are taken to an underground bunker 120 feet below the surface for protection. (This is the first of many unrealistic scenarios.) Unfortunately, a traitor inside the Secret Service allows the terrorist mastermind Kino (Rick Humes) into the bunker forcing the president to turn over the codes for the United States nuclear missiles. Enter Mike Banning; (Gerard Butler) a secret service agent who has been working a desk job at the White House due to an accident 18 months earlier that killed First Lady, Margret Asher (Ashley Judd). Soon acknowledged as the acting president, Speaker of the House, Trumbull (Morgan Freeman) and Secret Service director, Lynn Jacobs (Angela Bassett) began feeding Banner information from the outside. Banning begins attacking the terrorists from inside the White House. He kills bad guys in interesting ways, saves the president’s son, and eventually makes it to the bunker that is holding the president. (Don’t worry – I haven’t spoiled anything.) This is a straightforward action film with explosions, gun battles and helicopters shot out of the air. Yes, it is implausible and even silly with excessive carnage but, I and all of the other men in the theater loved it. A lot of us scratched our heads over some of the decisions that were made by the Secret Service, but as they say it’s just a movie. This film is full of stars that seem underused but if everyone had been given a major role the film would have been 4 hours long. Two hours is long enough when you can’t see the action and all you hear is gunshots and explosions. (Worst of all, some of the dioluge was so quiet I couldn’t hear what they were saying and sub-titles wouldn’t have helped me.) I’m still not sure why I enjoyed this film except that it was fast paced and the time just flew by. This is one of the better action movies this year and I’m giving it a B- rating.