Corky Romano

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A silly, light-hearted comedy featuring yet another Saturday Night Live cast member, is Corky Romano. The title speaks for itself. Corky Romano (Chris Kattan) is a bumbling dim-witted veterinarian whose father, Pops Romano (Peter Falk) and brothers are gang members. Pops finds out that the FBI has strong incriminating evidence against him and the FBI wants to arrest the entire Romano family – except Corky. Pops uses this to his advantage by forcing Corky to infiltrate the Bureau and steal the evidence. (With a name like Corky, I think the Feds would have had a file on him.) The Romano’s somehow manage to sneak Corky into the Bureau as an FBI agent. Every time Corky is given an assignment he screws up, but still manages to end up looking like the hero. He does manage to find the evidence, but sneaking it out of the building and proving his family’s innocence is a different story. This film did have a few chuckles (very few) and was entertaining, but don’ t hold your breath for any Academy Award nominations. By the way, did I mention that I thought the title of this film is ignorant? If the name of the movie would have been different, I might have been able to give it something higher than a C rating. On second thought, no I wouldn’t.

This movie has been given a PG-13 rating by the MPAA

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