The Amati Girls

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Amati Girls brings to life the emotional bonds shared by women in a close-knit Italian family. This touching film is about Dolly (Cloris Leachman) the matriarch of the Amati family, her four daughters and their families. Dolly cares for the youngest daughter Delores who is 30 years old, mentally challenged since birth, and wants to go steady with a mentally challenged boy named Armand. Her mother feels it’s inappropriate and tries to keep the two of them apart. The middle daughters are always arguing over how they handle personal relationships. Christine says Denise, who has a daughter and an estranged husband, is afraid to face her problems head-on. Denise says Christine, who is not married, is afraid of commitment. The most stable one in the family is the oldest daughter Grace. (Side note: As the oldest of four boys in my family, I always thought I was the smartest, most athletic, best looking, and the most stable. Of course, my brothers say I’m confu sing myself with them!) Grace gives advice to her two sisters and helps her mother with Dolores, yet the ending takes a sad turn. This is an excellent movie with a wide range of emotions. This is the type of film that is not for the whole family. The kids want to see something animated, teenagers want to see horror or comedy and Dad want’s to see action or something with Sandra Bullock or Julia Roberts. So Mom, this one’s for you. I give this drama a B Rating.

This movie has been given a PG rating by the MPAA

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