Love Stinks

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A film that begins as a romance and ends as a comedy is Love Stinks. French Stewart stars as a television sit-com writer named Seth, who meets the girl of his dreams at his best friends wedding. When Seth saw Chelsea, played by Bridgette Wilson, at the wedding he couldn’t wait to ask her out. On their first date, Chelsea told Seth that before she would give him a kiss – or anything else – they had to have 3 meals together. Being a typical male, Seth made sure he had all 3 meals within 24 hours. Seth and Chelsea continued to date for several weeks and then she suggested .”since I am at your house so much, why don’t I just move in with you?” Seth explained that he didn’t want a commitment, but Chelsea countered with the old, “If you don’t love me, we should break up.” They moved in together. She continued her entrapment by setting a date for engagement, and finally, pushing for a marriage date. Seth was pushed to far. He told her that he was not ready to be married and if she didn’t like it, she could move out of his house. She said she was not moving out because he had promised to marry her. The war began. She brought her date home to make him jealous; he brought his date home at the same time. She took her cat, Gracie to bed with them; he made a big meal of beans and broccoli and went to bed. (Judging from the sounds, he won that battle.) He kidnapped her cat; she brought home 5 new cats. You get the picture. This is the scenario of boy meets girl, boy gets girl, and then boy can’t get rid of girl. I remember having been faced with that problem myself. The only thing I could do was marry her. This film did have a slight twist at the end. It also had some hilarious moments and I left the theater laughing at some of the one liners. I give it a B rating.

This movie has been given an R rating by the MPAA