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As the Nations only blind movie critic I can’t possibly see or should I say attend every movie that opens in the country. You will be reading a review for the kids film Yu-gi-oh written by a kid who attended the screening for me. Alicia Lavigne is a 12 year old 7th grader who attends Tampa Christian Community School in Tampa Fl. She enjoys Yu-gi-oh, writing, reading and movies so she is the perfect person for this review.

Alicia LaVigne

Yu-gi-oh The Movie is a story based on the popular dueling card game and television show that is extremely popular among today’s children. I should know about its popularity because I am a child! The game, television show and movie are based upon Yugi who is the master dueler and target of all other duelers due to his record of victories.

In Yu-gi-oh The Movie Yugi is once again pursued by Seto Kaiba, who was once the world’s greatest duelist, in order to finally prevail over Yugi at a duel after being defeated by him time and time again. If Seto Kaiba is victorious he then could not only regain the one God card that he lost to Yugi, but also gain Yugi’s two other coveted God cards. This would make him nearly unbeatable and would enable him to regain his crown! Seto Kaiba knows that he cannot beat Yugi with his own cards so he turns to Pegasus, the creator of the duel monsters game and the original champion duelist. Pegasus is now in retirement after his losing the Millenium Eye, which allowed him to see his opponents hand and read their minds along with other magical abilities. The Keeper of all Millineum Items took the Eye away from Pegasus due to his use of it for evil purposes. When Seto Kaiba challenges Pegasus he lures him out of retirement for one last duel promising to give Pegasus the only three Blue Eyes White Dragon cards in existence if he can beat him. However, Seto Kaiba knows that Pegasus would not create a game without holding back the most powerful cards for himself. I won’t tell you who wins this duel, however you can only guess since the main objective of the movie is for a grand duel between Yugi and Seto Kaiba.

Seto Kaiba then sends his younger brother, Mokuba, to bring Yugi to the Duel Dome so that he can finally conquer Yugi’s God cards. Yugi does gain the upper hand at first until Seto Kaiba unleashes two never before introduced duel cards called the Blue Eyes Shining Dragon and the Pyramid of Light. When Seto Kaiba uses the Pyramid of Light to block out Yugi’s God cards from the duel by trapping them outside of the pyramid, Seto Kaiba then reduces Yugi’s life points to a dangerously low level by using his newly acquired Blue Eyes Shining Dragon. But Yugi, being the master duelist, of course finds a way to turn the duel to his favor by using Seto Kaiba’s own cards against him! Once again, I won’t tell you who wins this final battle but if you refer to the name of the movie you can probably figure it out!

This movie was well put together with a solid introduction to the history of the game as well as the characters. I say this because my dad who knows nothing about the game could follow the story line most of the time and didn’t bug me too much to ask what was going on! There could have been more action outside of the traditional duels as there are on the television show, but overall I really enjoyed the film. I am giving this a rating of B+ and would suggest that any die hard Yu-gi-oh fan not miss it.